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I enlisted Haman Dowlatram services in October 2015. My goal was to reduce my body fat composition, I have had the pleasure of knowing Haman Dowlatram for the last 16 years, not only as a personal friend but I also had the opportunity to work for him at his fitness facility Body Quest. At that time I was well into my post-secondary studies studying Fitness and Health Management at Fanshawe College, so it was a perfect fit for me. Throughout my 5 year employment at Body Quest, Haman afforded me the opportunity to work with him one on one and he was gracious enough to share with me his knowledge and experience that he had already accumulated over his 25 years in the fitness industry. While working at Body Quest, I witnessed Haman help hundreds of people reach their fitness goals and change their lives, it was truly amazing. He is an honest man with a wealth of knowledge and has a true passion to help others and he does so with great humility and integrity. The fitness industry is flooded with falsehoods and misinformation and most people find themselves not getting the results they seek and so therefore quit mainly due to not getting the proper information. If you truly want to make a change in your life and be healthier and happier and understand what you really have to do to achieve your goals, Haman is the person you want to talk to. I have learnt so much from him and he has been so generous not only with his time but his energy and I am so thankful to have him as a mentor and friend. In closing I will tell you that Haman Dowlatram is a man who practises what he preaches. He is a real fitness and heath practitioner who is beyond passionate about helping people live longer and healthier lives. If the fitness industry had more of people like him it would be much better off.

Derek Lacey

Thanks Haman!

I enlisted Haman Dowlatram services in October 2015. My goal was to reduce my body fat composition, gain muscle mass, lower my cholesterol and improve my overall general health. I made many attempts at this on my own without success, so I decided that I needed proper guidance and general coaching on how to achieve my health and fitness goals, hence Haman...Haman explained the science of metabolic changes and enhancements on how the body responds to certain types of food and proper supplement intake. With his simple and friendly conversation, he identified my key issues and then provided an eating plan of real foods and supplements in the right  proportion for my body type. My cravings and change of mentality of understanding key diet strategies vanished immediately when I started using his program. Amazingly, I am eating better, losing body fat, reducing my cholesterol levels and generally feeling more healthy and active. I meet with Haman on a regular basis and he keeps in contact because he cares and wants to know about your progress. He continuously researches current trends and medical evidence on foods, supplements, and exercise. His program is working great for me and is something I have adopted as a lifelong lifestyle."

Lucky Sharma
School Improvement Head
Waterloo Catholic District School Board

Thank You

It was time to change my life style. After taking medication for 41 years for high blood pressure and having fibromyalgia for 28 years, the pain was not getting any better that's when I decided it's time to take the plunge to better my health. My pain was intolerable and was to the point I was not functioning on a daily basis. I also have herniated disks in my lower back. It was hard to stand straight or walk and I was in complete pain 24/7. I walked at an angle and was completely lopsided in order to manage to try to live an everyday life of doing my basic necessities. It caused headaches, neck and shoulder pain as the rest of my body was trying to compensate for this imbalance in my body. After many tests over the years including X-rays, MRI, CT Scans, the conclusion from these tests was that there was not much they could do other than to medicate me in order to numb the pain. That was not the answer I was looking for. I did not want any more medication as the side effects far outweighed the benefits. It was either take this medication and sleep my life away or live with the pain.

I knew there was more to life than that. I needed to get to the root of the problem.

In October I decided to go meet holistic specialist – Haman Dowlatram. He discussed everything with me and was very thorough and understanding. He understood that it is difficult to change my lifestyle and he told me to take baby steps. He asked me to commit for 3 months and see the progress I could make in just 3 short months. It seemed reachable and I agreed to do it. It was the best decision I made.

I significantly changed my eating and introduced holistic supplements into my lifestyle. I started taking my name them.......and after about a month of taking the supplements and changing my eating lifestyle, I was feeling significantly less pain. Friends and family were noticing how much straighter I was walking and my pain was more tolerable. My husband would say I don't here you complain about your pain as much. Before making my lifestyle changes, I was at a pain level 10+ on pain scale of 1-10. It was very difficult for me to lead a normal life with my constant pain. Now I would say my pain level is at a 5. I can now function normally on a daily basis.

I have more energy and I am sleeping much better . My skin and hair feel healthier and I have my glow back. I went to my family doctor recently and he told me to keep on doing whatever I am doing as my blood pressure was the best it has ever been in 41 years. I can only imagine the positive effect this lifestyle change is having on the rest of me. I have a more positive outlook and I feel ready to wake up each morning and take on life.

Thanks to alternative medicine it has given me back the quality of life.

Anna Dias