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Haman Dowlatram

Welcome to BodyQuest!

I have dedicated over 30 years in the health and fitness industry and I have seen many new magical pills, fitness programs and trendy equipment that make all sorts of guarantees and promises, yet today we are faced with a crisis.

What will it take for society to believe that there will never be a single product or equipment to improve and maintain great health? The body requires several nutrients for optimal function. Just like a car, which one fluid is more important? Gasoline, engine oil, coolant etc.; which one can your car function without? Would you add a little water to your gas tank every day? By eating certain foods that's what you are doing hence why you feel tired, weak and lack of concentration. You can see where I am going with this.

We not only have to consume these nutrients but these nutrients must be absorbed into our cells. It does not matter what we ingest but rather what we digest.

Food or supplements without enzymes or with low or no biological value are useless to our bodies and can be very harmful to our digestive system which is the core of our health and wellbeing.

Everyone seems to be obsessed with numbers, counting calories, macros, need to be at a certain weight, etc. How does one accurately know how many calories you burn or need? Is there a calorie meter to prove how many calories your brain burns per hour? Do you use the same amount of calories per day? If two people are doing the same fitness class, will they consume the same amount of calories? The answer is NO! Calories counting are simply the biggest waste of time and energy. Not sure how this will improve one's health and help you achieve your ultimate goals. A lot of energy is being spent with very little results. Energy should be spent time on what foods the body will digest, how I can make my immune system stronger, and what foods to avoid preventing cancer initiation. With a great immune system the body has amazing ability to repair itself which then leads to low body fat, improved energy, strength and better sleep. These can all be accomplished by simply giving the cells the nutrients they need. There is overwhelming amount of scientific evidence to prove that a great nutrition program will dramatically reduce ones risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

If you want to be healthy you must change the way you fuel your body and mind.

Haman Dowlatram